Le style n'est pas une taille mais une attitude


Let’s start the week with an outfit that was inspired to me by a piece from Zara.

I saw this lovely sweater over a leatherette skirt, almost tone on tone. And because I had just received my Dorothy Perkins skirt which was exactly the same shade, so I figured I was going to try it. And I really like the result.

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* Bomber *

Everything that can be imagined is real. Pablo Picasso Once again today I’m wearing something I found on mega sales at Anna Scholz’s. I really recommend this piece if you’re looking for a somewhat different and most of all super cozy bomber jacket. Leopard print and imitation suede, it’s the perfect mid-season jacket. That’s also this jacket that allows me…

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* Dotty *

Happiness is to keep wanting what you have. Saint-Augustin After a quick getaway to Lausanne, I got back to Paris and to Héloïse for a new shooting. Sadly we don’t always get to rub shoulders with the sun for our shootings so sometimes we have to make do with working inside. Today I introduce a few pieces from my anglo-saxon…

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* Sweat heart *

Ce que le public te reproche, cultive-le: c’est toi. Jean Cocteau I want to give my heart to you here, to you over there, to all of you girls ! Let’s begin the week with a CareBear outfit with lots of hearts. When I have this sweater on, the people I pass by in the street just have to smile when…

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* Candy *

Close your eyes and the world will become what you want it to be. Alain Berliner Hello girls ! I’ll be quick today, let me share with you one of the outfits I wore this past week. My famous cotton candy pink coat that I matched with an equally pink dress. A pretty risky choice because I added some leopard print !…

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* Mix your animals *

L’homme est un animal sociable qui déteste ses semblables. Eugène Delacroix You already know that about me : I love animals. Whether they’re displayed in my apartment as a cabinet of wonders or in the form of jewelry, I keep a nice collection. So when I ran into this Anna Scholtz dress last summer, I instantly fell for this very special…

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* Geometric *

La courbe est la ligne géométrique de la beauté et du bonheur. Joséphin Péladan Je semble légèrement accro au bleu en ce moment sur le blog n’est-ce pas. L’effet Michou qui s’est transformé en syndrome avec des pics de poussés de “bleuites” aiguës. Si je vire transformiste par contre, avertissez moi avant hein! J’avais cette robe Anna Scholz depuis un…

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* Daisies & Stripes *

La marguerite: une bouche ronde qui a des dents de tous côtés. Jules Renard Le calme avant la tempête de grêle. Le ciel est devenu sombre, les bourrasques de vent m’ont fait vite regretter d’avoir mis du gloss ce jour là. Une très, très, très mauvaise idée. Le brushing en bataille je peux encore gérer mais les cheveux collés aux…

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