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It’s a big first, my son Lino is making his entrance on the blog.

Don’t panic, I’m not going to become a children and mommies blog, but since the love of my life is closely standing alongside with my professional world, I find it natural after all that he could be able to appear in it from time to time.

For this first appearance, I felt like talking about nice, made in France products.

The pajamas Lino is wearing come from a collection imagined by 5 dads that were fed up with getting always lumbered with Cars or Mickey Mouse on their children’s pajamas. They then created Just Pyjama, cotton pajamas, made in France, at soft prices. The idea is also to mix the pajama tops and bottoms and with each match recreate a different set of pajamas.

I fully agree with this concept. Additionally, each set of pajamas comes with its own free gift wrapping, all for less than €15. Cool dads, huh ?

On his feet, leather moccasins created by a young mom in partnership with a podiatrist.

Lino uses this pair inside but they can also be used outside when the weather is dry. I love the fringe in the back, the elastic is super convenient to slip them on the feet of a wriggling little boy. I just felt like buying everything on the e-shop, these shoes/slippers are so convenient.

I took advantage of the situation to take a few pictures of Lino while he was playing, jumping on his bear and riding across the living-room on his racing car ! It rocked !

Welcome my little icing sugar ♡

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