Le style n'est pas une taille mais une attitude



I’ve slowed down the pace but it’s for a good cause since I’m off to enjoy a few days in the sun starting tomorrow. You can still follow me on my Instagram account here.

Meanwhile, let me share with you an outfit I wore last week-end with my new autumnal stuff. And beware, you’ll get a nice surprise at the end of the post !

Boden, this british brand you’re starting to get familiar with on the blog, alaways creates wonders for the fall/winter season. A little reminder if you don’t know this brand : it offers clothing for men, women and children from size 4 to 20. They always have beautiful fabrics, colors, patterns, and a really superior quality. Sizing wise, it’s perfect, the 20 is a real 20.

Incidentally, I would really like this brand to launch a PlusSize collection because they have the abilities to do it, the savoir faire, and I’m sure it would be a big hit ! Boden, if you’re reading me… (nudge nudge, wink wink)

Before we get to the surprise, let’s talk about my socks. I have the feeling they’re going to divide the ecstatic crowd ! I have a new addiction, socks in stilettos. You either like it or you don’t, and I completely get that.

But for me, it was a true revelation. I spent years envying this style and I finally took the leap, thanks to THE right pair of socks. One often underestimates the importance of the right pair of socks, ha ha don’t laugh, it’s true.

Will you get used to it ? OR better yet, also take the leap ?

To sweeten the socks pill for you resistants, Boden has decided to spoil you since this week on the blog you can try and win 1 Boden outfit !

It’s super easy to participate, just write the names of your favorite pieces in a commentary down below (don’t put the link down because it gets into spams too easily). Make your choice here.

You have until Monday the 20th of October to try your luck (1 outfit or an equivalent gift certificate if the outfit is already sold out). Don’t forget to leave a valid e-mail address that you often check, too many winning e-mails remain unanswered.

Good luck to all of you !

+ Robe Selina Boden + Trench Boden + Cardigan court Boden +

+ Chaussettes GoldenLady + Escarpins Högl chez Sarenza.com + Sac Trunk Marni +

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