Le style n'est pas une taille mais une attitude



In winter I love recycle lighter dresses wearing them under big sweaters.

It’s also a good way to be able to wear skirts in colors that we do not have with some tops for example. Today it is this curry dress you saw my coat here.

What wind there was this weekend there, so if I wore my

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First look of the year that I share with you. Bicolor with a touch of gold, that’s my stuff. Ah ah I love this expression also, “it’s very me, it’s very you,” a style like a signature through which we recognize a person. Although I admit that it’s also nice to get out of his habits, I often watch you…

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Empire green, imperial green, I looked up the name of this green in a Pantone in order to give it a pretty name. At least as lovely as the outfit I’m wearing today.

I love this mix, I’ve never been scared of some glitter during the day, but it’s the first time I’m trying green sequins. And it’s beautiful, it’s dark, almost sober.

Of course I toned it down with the rest of the outfit. A big matching coat and a black sweater.

Even the shoes, which by the way are super comfy (I’m telling you), are quickly going to become essential this winter.

All of these beauties come from Dorothy Perkins’ and, like last month, sweet Dorothy is giving a treat to my readers because she knows you love her very much.

And beware, it’s crazy : 30% off on the entire Dorothy Perkins‘ website + free shipping, using the code exclusively reserved for you readers of this blog : LBDBBXDP30

Don’t run off there yet !

I still want to introduce you to my little newbie. My Trunk’s twin brother, new Trunk and its metallic sides. My Gold Sand Marni is going to be able to take a little break, a little time for him to freshen up.

Come on, go now, I know you’re dying to.

+ Manteau oversize Dorothy Perkins + Pull Balsamik + Jupe en sequins Dorothy Perkins +

+ Sac Marni + Escarpins Dorothy Perkins +

30% off everything + free shipping at Dorothy Perkins’ with the code LBDBBXDP30 valid until 11/17/14

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