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July 2014


#HomeDeco – my yard

30 July 2014


In my last home deco post, I have told you about my little parisian yard.

My little piece of nature, not very big, about 35 sq yards, but enough for me to survive in Paris.

A few months ago, I had the chance to get the help of a gardening coach whom entirely redid my little yard. Before its complete facelift, it looked like crap, gravel everywhere and a monotonous tree hedge.

Pascal Laforge, gardening coach at Truffaut’s, worked on the plans based on my wishes and the difficulty of the site, to wit a narrow and long yard with a south-east exposure. He literally changed it into heaven !

I wanted green, relief, flowers, a little vegetable garden, an area for Lino to play in and a space for relaxation.

Pascal divided the yard in two sides. On one side, the very green part with several varieties of evergreen bushes, green shades and some touches of color with my favorite flowers : a camelia, some hydrangeas. At the center of it all sits my palm tree, it’s been following me for 14 years, it’s very cumbersome but I’ve always found a place to put it. It likes it very much here.

On the other side of the yard, Pascal laid some composite wooden floor in dark tones, it’s a more contemporary space with concrete trays, my wooden and teak furniture. To bright things up, my reading space, right in front of my bedroom with a Monceau chair and its footrest from Fermob. I love to sit down here, read, take a little nap.

The rendering is really great, it’s still constantly in progress and I will still add a few personal touches.

If, like me, you’re a total fan of nature and that you like good tips on plants, but also on decoration, DIYs, pets… I recommend Truffaut’s Facebook page.

I’ll let you take a tour of my yard with these few pictures. And next time, I will share with you my DIY tutorial for terrariums.

Do you also have a few plants at home ? Which are your favorites ?

Monoprix deck-chairs and table

Little customized pots, I got the idea on Pinterest

Monceau chair Fermob for Truffaut

Ikea lantern

metal cloche from Maisons du Monde

Monoprix nest box

All the plants, trays and floors come from Truffaut

thanks to all the Truffaut crew

to Pascal Laforge my gardening coach

thanks to Fermob

Tenues du jour

Marinière en touche

28 July 2014

Why join the navy

if you can be a pirate ?

Steve Jobs

I started my vacation, well let’s say I relocated my “office” and that I will take some fresh air, rest, slow my rhythm, take some time for myself during the next month.

The blog will keep its activities on with OOTDs, tutorials, home deco posts, anyway it won’t make any difference from your point of view.

Oh yeah, maybe I will slip away for ten days or so, but that’s less certain.

Today, a little fresh OOTD with one of my jeans I freshly got from the U.S, a laced top and MY blazer.

I still love it as much as I did before, and it’s again a timeless BigBeauty piece, keep it safe because it goes with everything !

I added a few touches of navy-like stripes to all that white.

A holidays foretaste !

Have a good week everybody,

Happy vacation

And courage to those who stay and work !

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+ Montre Daniel Wellington +

(-15% avec le code BigBeauty jusqu’au 15/8)

+ Sandales Bionda Castana chez Département du luxe (soldées -70%) +

Tenues du jour


25 July 2014

Mais que foutait Dieu,

avant la création?

Samuel Beckett

This damn weather ! I’m once again obligated to talk about the rain on my blog, to justify my outfit.

Saturday, it’s 86°F and raining in Paris, the weather I hate the most, I always have so much trouble getting dressed.

I’m wearing a little draped dress I found at H&M+. For once, a light dress, not black or brown ! Hell just froze over (which might explain the crappy weather that day), thank God !

I enhanced this pastel with a bright color, some flaming orange such as my bag and my lipstick.

God bless the day I decided to buy this magical bra at Lane Bryant’s in Los Angeles. A plunge bra with a transparent laced band to solve all of these problems of dresses and tops with too much cleavage. And there you have a perfect example, doesn’t it seem that the bra is part of the dress ?

Finally, the lovely watch around my wrist. If I had to recommend a beautiful piece these days, it would be this one, a Daniel Wellington. A beautiful design and a wonderful idea since you can change the bracelet as often as you like and thus change your style.

I have appealed to God a lot in this post… Let’s hope for a miracle : a sunny vacation !


Have a good weekend !

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#HomeDeco – my living-room

23 July 2014

I was pleasantly surprised by all your reactions further to my first home deco post (my country house here) so let’s continue with my parisian apartment.

I moved to Paris 8 years ago and I first lived in a smaller apartment in the heart of the lively neighborhood of Oberkampf in the 11ème arrondissement. Then right before Lino arrived, I moved to the 14ème arrondissement, a much calmer, family neighborhood that fits me way better today.

I sought my Grail for almost 2 years and it’s a real estate agent whom finally found it for me. On the ground floor of a 1860’s building, I’m incredibly lucky to have a little yard. The little breath of fresh air that allows the country girl that I am to survive in Paris.

Today, let’s focus on my living-room, I’m dividing up the presentation of my apartment so it will be more digestible for you. It’s a big living-room open on the dining-room and the kitchen, I had all the dividing walls taken down. Continue Reading…