Le style n'est pas une taille mais une attitude


This weeks or months that I was thinking, I turned this idea from every angle, I was very scared but the desire was stronger on Thursday I became a redhead.

I plunge after pinned dozens and dozens of red on my Pinterest board. It was obvious red copper made eyes at me and finally I adopted or rather it was he who adopted me.

I think for me it’s the biggest change I made on my hair, even spending long square plunging did not make me much effect. There it is radically different.

We only have one life and I was ready for that.

This is the colorist

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Spa Clarins

I take a topic that I used to share with you, ie testing various Parisian spa. My feelings, my impressions.

There are a few months I discovered My Spa by Clarins Blends at the Royal Monceau Raffles Paris. A pristine white jewel located in the basement of the palace. Magical.

Upon arrival the reception is very friendly and smiling, you head to the locker room filled with vast mirrors with two individual changing cabins.

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Fausse frange

My bangs and I this is a great story of “Love You / Love You More.”

I brought the fringe early when I was little and I left for many years to come back there about 8 years. I was delighted to find her, she gave me the pleasure of having long hair, and especially that feeling of always wearing.

But lately, I was constantly torn by let it grow, once long to want a fringe, cut, sorry. That this in an endless circle.

Then I said I would try the one I windy merits there 2 years in one of my columns on M6 100% Mag: clip bangs.

And that revolution, which I needed!

I did make my own bangs to

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C’est le moment de vous présenter 5 nouveaux produits fétiches que j’ai testé et intégré à ma routine beauté.

La majorité des produits sont hydratants. Vous connaissez ma chasse perpétuelle de principes actifs qui gorgent ma peau ultra sèche. Et miracle j’y arrive peu à peu.

Les premiers produits sont une véritable révélation pour ma peau.

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It’s been a long time since I presented my favorites products of the moment to you.

Today I review 5 products that no longer leave my current beauty case.

They kind of match the weather, they are cocooning products that do good to our skin, attacked by the wind and the cold.

Come on, let’s do this review.

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Lipstick is kind of my signature in each outfit here on the blog.

Even if I have already made you a recap of the lipsticks I wear on a regular basis (right here), today I want to talk to you about my latest cases of love at first sight.

A few weeks ago, and thanks to L’Oréal Paris, I found out about the Color Riche exclusive collection. A collection of mat lipsticks.

At first I thought “hmmm, mat, we’ll see”, I only swear by my Ruby Woo by MAC.

One morning, I try the Color Riche exclusive collection by Doutzen. And then, bam ! My heart is racing, it’s perfect. Orange red, as I like it.

The following night, I decided to try Inès, then Leila and Frieda. They’re all amazing !!

Super mat, super moisturizing, long-lasting color, I simply had to recommend this great lipstick by L’Oréal Paris.

And cherry on top of the sundae, I wanna say pompom on top of the sailor hat, when you buy a tube of lipstick for €13,50 (you’ll notice the small price), €2 are donated to the Cé Ke du Bonheur association which helps children in the hospitals.

So, did I won you over ?

+ Color Riche Collection Exclusive L’Oréal Paris +

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