Le style n'est pas une taille mais une attitude


Slightly addicted currently in these jackets, coats while transparency suggests that you wear underneath.

Last time it was a bomber organza which foreshadowed the dress shirt I was wearing. Today it is a color game that gives way to macramé coat. In addition I love the contrast of black and powder pink.

I have not yet left the sweaters, especially when I

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First look of the year that I share with you. Bicolor with a touch of gold, that’s my stuff. Ah ah I love this expression also, “it’s very me, it’s very you,” a style like a signature through which we recognize a person. Although I admit that it’s also nice to get out of his habits, I often watch you…

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With this cold, I took refuge inside to shoot a few outfits.

Today, let me share with you a lovely dress by a designer I like very much, Manon Baptiste.

These pieces are available on the Navabi website, incidentally that is where I found them.

I particularly like this dress with its plumetis tulle yoke that uncovers the shoulders and the arms.

On that day, I was wearing my big Oliver Jung coat to keep me nice and warm.

A nice hat and ankle boots for a folk look.

A word about the hat, many of you have asked me if it was still available.

This version, which was made for the 100th anniversary of Filippo Cartazi, is not. But good news, Asos has recently re-stocked an identical piece. I’ve put the link down below the pictures as ususal (plus, it’s on sale at €30 and a bit, but shhh, you did not hear it from me)

Have a good day !

ps: Thanks to ShowroomM for welcoming me and letting me shoot a few pictures in their showroom in the center of the Marais. And thanks to Tode, my friend, agent and photographer.

Pictures by Tode

+ Robe Manon Baptiste chez NAVABI + Chapeau Filippo Catarzi + Low boots Dorothy Perkins +

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Today I have the pleasure to share with you the first look I imagined for the Navabi website.

Big news : this multi-brand website has chosen me to join the Style Council which is gathering together several international bloggers and I’m really glad and flattered to be one of them.

Thanks to this Style Council, you’ll be able to see different profiles, outfit ideas, tips, but also a shopping selection made by the bloggers you like.

I personally completely fell for this fake leopard fur coat, I’ve been looking for one for a long time. It’s not easy to find the nice pattern and a fabric that doesn’t look too cheap. This one is really great, the color of the coat is light, and one killing detail : the leather braid all the way along the length.

Underneath, I chose a quite sober outfit to make my coat pop and have a kind of rock&folk look thanks to my big hat.

As a finish touch on this silhouette, I chose my new shiny Boden loafers. They bring out the shades of the coat.

Come and see my first selection HERE on Navabi and discover the Style Council and its members HERE.

Have a good visit !

+ Manteau Zizzi *+ T-shirt Kiabi + Jupe en cuir Call me Ponie + Montre Daniel Wellington + Bracelet Gas Bijoux +

+ Chapeau Filippo Catarzi + Mocassins Boden + Colliers Charlotte Martyr, chaîne et pendentifs Stella and Dot +

* coat was a gift from Navabi

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* Happy Birthday Mr. Navabi *

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius. It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. Marilyn Monroe Mr. Navabi is waiting for me. Just before jumping in the car that’ll bring me to his birthday party, I immortalize this moment. I took a chance on matching my dress to my limo, I’m its accessory tonight. My dress comes from a…

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