Le style n'est pas une taille mais une attitude


Give a girl the right shoes

and she can conquer the world.

Marilyn Monroe

You girls take a lot of shoes on this blog because, almost every week, you get a post about my passion : my Ladies, my shoes.

Today, I’m going to talk to you about a great operation which is taking place right now in various Klépierre centers. On the occasion of “La semaine des femmes en or” (“the week of golden women”), 15 pairs of shoes can be won every day.

Obsessional accessories, feelgood power, fetish pairs or real instruments of torture, shoes definitely fascinate. Each woman has a particular relationship with this accessory, they’re a true reflection of our daily feelings and desires.

This event is illustrated by the look of shoes’ designer Karine Arabian. The genius of the chic and comfortable shoes, like the stilettos you can see in illustration of this post.

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The shoes addict that I am couldn’t possibly miss the launch of the Sarenza collection. We all already know the shoes’ website Sarenza, the treasure chest, and their crazy selection. How many hours have I spent on this shop… anyway !

Backed by their experience in shoes, the people at Sarenza have designed and produced their own label ! They’ve imagined the perfect selection, the shoes we all dream to have, and the result is great.

5 emblematic parisian neighborhoods inspired them for this first season. Boyish, glamorous, high heels or flat… Sarenza thought of every girl.

I’ve bought 2 designs so far, but some others are eying me up already.

Even the boxes are beautiful, for once I want to keep them and not hide them, I might even use them to organize stuff.

So, what do you think ?

Hey, ho, don’t leave just yet, how would you like to try and win a 100€ gift certificate to spend on Sarenza.com ?

It’s easy to participate, just leave the name (just the name, not the link) of your favorite pair from the new Made by Sarenza With Love collection (here) in a commentary down below.

You have until the 10/23/2014 to participate, good luck to all of you !

(contest available in France only)

+ Mocassins Bataclan Sarenza + Bottines Rue du Cherche Midi Sarenza +

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Hebergeur d'image

I just got back from Italy and I didn’t just bring back some pasta and vino.

No, you know me, I stopped by my favorite italian stores, but also by a flagship in Turin that sells only limited editions. Clothes, accessories and shoes.

There, I couldn’t avoid these wonders : the Superstar Metal Toe Adidas.

Okay, I admit, I gave in and also bought a pair for Lino. I have a double reason to shop now.

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

+ Adidas Superstar Metal Toe + Adidas Dinosaur ZX +

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Unless you’ve been gone to another continent, it was hard to miss the new collaboration between Monoprix and the british designer Orla Kiely.

I bought these 2 playfully retro metal boxes for my kitchen. The rest of the collection wasn’t a good fit for my home decoration, even if I admit that the pillows were eying me up.

When I got home, I wanted to check the availability of a little tray that was sold out in my Monoprix. Sadly, everything was quickly bought on the e-shop, too bad.

Then, on Google, I suddenly see a collaboration that had escaped my vigilance ! Damned !

Orla Kiely recently launched a collection with the shoe brand Clarks.

I know the comfort of Clarks shoes, they were never really my style though, but now… O M F****** G.

Holy cow (no, I’m not saying “shit” anymore because of my future little parrot who is beginning to talk), so anyway, Shoot (hey, it’s not “shit”), I fell head over heels in love with this pair of high heeled Mary Jane shoes.

To top it all off, they’re super comfortable, thank you Clarks. Even the soles are pretty on these beauties.

I would keep them in my kitchen like that. But I don’t want them to get grease stains.

Don’t thank me, I know, it’s evil.

+ Boîtes Orla Kiely X Monoprix + Babies à talons Orla Kiely X Clarks +

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Three colors : bronze !

A brand new wave of my recently adopted Ladies before I present them to you in my future outfits.

They make a nice family portrait, don’t you think ?

In the end, even if their styles are different, they sort of look alike.

The bronze pompom brogue shoes : I have the feeling they will go with a lot of my autumnal outfits, with some navy, some khaki. Yummy !

The high heeled T-Bar shoes are like candy, they’re so pretty I want to put them in a frame. It’s almost a crime to wear them, but I have to (Update : unfortunately they’re no longer available because I bought them during last August’s sale)

The Nike Bronze : ever since I’ve tried the Air Max, I’m on the verge of addiction. And in bronze, there’s nothing more to say. Is there ?

While I’m at it, here’s a good deal if you’re looking for running shoes that are sold out in France, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for on the Office e-shop !

+ Nike Air Max1 Bronze + Salomés DUO + Brogue loafers bronze Office +

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I have begun to establish my collection of shoes for this fall/winter.

And I absolutely needed to show you these two wonders.

A pair of Derby shoes from &OtherStories : bi-material black leather, mat leather and “oily like” iridescent patent leather. OH MY GOD. I’m all love for them. The front reminds me of two beetles wings. Addicted to curiosities !

The boots are an extravagance from Chie Mihara. I don’t need to praise this brand’s incredible comfort anymore but it’s true, they feel like slippers. Shiny slippers of the night (stars in my eyes).

And you’ll see them in OOTDs very soon.

What about you, any purchases for the upcoming season ?

+ Derbies & Other Stories + Boots Chie Mihara sur Sarenza.com +

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* Revue de Shoesing : Focus Robert Clergerie *

Dans mes créations, j’ai toujours respecté le principe fondamental que m’avait communiqué le célèbre bottier André Perugia, à savoir que vous portiez un vêtements, mais que la chaussure vous porte, et toute la difficulté est là. Robert Clergerie J’ai l’habitude de vous faire régulièrement une revue de shoesing “généralisée” mais pour diversifier et surtout rendre cette catégorie un plus plus…

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* Revue de shoesing #10 *

Ca fait très/trop longtemps que je ne vous ai pas fait une nouvelle revue de shoesing. Et depuis cet été, il y a eu beaucoup d’adoptions chez mes chères Demoiselles. Je pense que j’en ai même oublié quelques paires comme mes Chie Mihara.

Une partie de mes adoptées a déjà été aperçue avec des tenues du jour, j’ai mis tous les liens en dessous de chaque paire.

Mon shoesing commence dangereusement à déborder et je me suis lassée de quelques paires, j’ai donc décidé de me séparer de pas mal de Demoiselles. Dans les jours à venir je vais ajouter sur le vide dressing celles que je revends, des pointures 40 à des prix raisonnables pour les paires de marques communes.

Dans cette nouvelle vague d’adoption il y a déjà quelques paires pour les beaux jours, j’aime particulièrement les open toe kaki et la paire de dorées de la marque Georgia Rose. J’avais déjà testé cette marque et c’est un excellent rapport qualité prix, des chaussures en cuir, de bonnes finitions. Bon et vous, déjà des achats pour les beaux jours?

Allez hop, place à la revue! (Pour visualiser les dernières revues de shoesing c’est par ici)

Je souhaite un agréable week-end, à lundi pour des nouveaux looks.

It’s been (way) too long since my last « revue de shoesing » and since last summer there’s been many newly adopted Ladies in my collection. I think I even forgot a few pairs like my Chie Mihara.

Some of them have already been seen with OOTDs, I added the links under each photo.

My shoesing is dangerously starting to brim over and I got bored of a few pairs, so I decided to part with quite a few Ladies. In days to come I’m going to add them to the « vide dressing ». Sizes 8 at reasonable prices.

In this new wave of adoption, there’s already a few pairs for sunny days. I particularly like the kaki open toe and the golden Georgia Rose. I’ve tested this brand before : excellent value for money, leather shoes, good finish. What about you ? Any purchases for sunny days yet ?

Come on, let’s review the Ladies ! (to see last « revues de shoesing », click here)

Have a pleasant week-end, see you on Monday for a new OOTD !

Low boots cloutées Zara

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