Le style n'est pas une taille mais une attitude

* Very Sexy shoes #1*

La séduction est de l’ordre du rituel,
le sexe et le désir de l’ordre du naturel.

Jean Baudrillard

After my post « Préliminaires » from last Friday many of you went wild: there she goes she’s going to get married!

I have to admit I didn’t see that one coming I might have played too well my character or perhaps not given you enough clues? But you know me, I’m definitely not the woman who will reveal some intimate details of my private life and no it won’t be on my blog that I would eventually announce my wedding (second one?). I like to keep my privacy and I’m very protective when it comes to my personal life. I hope you won’t be too unhappy about that.

But some of you found the answer; something naughty was going on, something very futile and passionate like one of my biggest love: shoes!

Sarenza has asked me to embody a very special character for the launch of their new shop: “Very Sexy Shoes”, the place where you can find THE ultra-sexy and glamorous pair of shoes. Yes, you read correctly: all that!

My character is “the naughty” who chooses carefully her clothes and accessories for an evening of seduction or a hot night… And as shoes with heels are an undeniable accessory in an erotic game, “the naughty” cannot wear ballerinas; no she must be walking in sexy heels!

Court shoes are men catchers!

Not really easy to embody “the naughty” without becoming a bit of a tr*mp or some random character from soft porno. No my “naughty” is more romantic but still set on seducing and play the game on 12cm heeled shoes.

I chose a pair of heeled court shoes from the Finnish designer Minna Parikka. Her shoes and designs are inspired by feminine lingerie and have in it the seduction codes. And the ones I’m wearing today totally make me think of the Bunny Girl from Playboy. Don’t you agree?

 Let’s get back to the shop « Very Sexy Shoes », Sarenza has opened 3 different stores, on their website, inspired by 3 different enchantresses and you can find the selection of shoes inspired by them below:

You will find another competition right after the photos…

And yes, I must tell you all about the evening. Oh yes, what an evening!

See you soon!

+ Robe Asos (2012) + Boléro Dorothy Perkins (2010) +

+ Serre-tête oreilles en dentelle Asos (ancienne collection ) +

+ Escarpins Angora Minna Parikka +

Je suis La Coquine…

I’m “the naughty”…

Et vous quel style de séductrice à talons êtes-vous?

What about you? What enchantress with heels are you?

La Coquinela Curieuse – ou l’Indépendante?

The Coquinethe Curieuse – or the Indépendante?

Sarenza vous offre un bon de 100 euros

Sarenza offers you the chance to maybe win a 100€ voucher

Indiquez en commentaire votre réponse + votre paire coup de coeur présentent dans la boutique Very Sexy Shoes

Please leave your answer in the comment box + tell me what’s your fav’ pair of shoes from the shop Very Sexy Shoes

Bonne chance!

Good luck!

date limite 4/4/2013 minuit

You have until April 4th 2013, midnight to enter