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I needed a little break, right now I have my head to the grindstone for several in order to achieve several projects, and sorting my Marrakesh pictures out did me a lot of good.

After my pictures of Marrakesh city here and those of the Majorelle Garden here, I’m now sharing with you those of the hotel I stayed in.

If I choose to talk about it here, it’s because it completely fulfilled my expectations. I thought that maybe you could use a good hotel address in Marrakesh.

I spent 7 nights in the Murano Resort, an hotel located in the Marrakesh’s palm grove. You might need to know that you have to take a taxi to reach downtown, but it’s not much of a problem since the hotel provides you with a shuttle with a driver for €10. And most of the hotels in the palm grove do the same (Club Med, Deux Tours, etc.)

The Murano Resort is rather contemporary but really marked by oriental codes, I really loved this style, very “new Marrakesh”.

When I booked my stay in Marrakesh, my main goal was to rest, enjoy the sun and take my mind off things.

I told the hotel that I was travelling with a 22 months-old baby and they put the perfect place at our disposal. That is to say a private villa with its own pool in front of the terrace. I could not have hoped for better. While my son Lino was taking his naps, I was able to enjoy the pool and sleep in the sun. It was the first time I was able to do that since his birth, so I might as well tell you that I savored every bit of these moments.

The hotel has 4 villas available spread in a huge garden in the palm grove. The palm trees that are in it are sacred, when one builds something there it’s forbidden to touch them. Which creates perfectly integrated in nature housing. It’s gorgeous and very clever.

I had not taken the board in the hotel, just breakfasts, so I would be free to go and eat in the different restaurants that the city has to offer. Nevertheless I ate in the hotel a few times and the dishes were really delicious.

Since the hotel is huge and well equipped, the villas are all hidden and it’s very easy to isolate yourself and really enjoy the peace and quiet. As you’ve probably guessed by now, it’s a haven of peace, even with a little family.

Pool wise, there are 5 in total, no wading pools but my son had a great time in the big pool thanks to the large steps that served as a shallow pool. The main pool is red, well the tiling in it is, it’s a bit unsettling at first.

I leave you with a few pictures that will hopefully make you want to stay there. To book a stay, I recommend the website hotels.com, that’s where I found the best prices.

A last digression and then I’m off to bed, I’m really pale in the pictures : the day before our departure I put my back out. I was injected with some morphine derivative directly into the back, which allowed me to take my plane the day after. In the mean time I was pretty… ugly.

Now go and take a big dose of palm trees and sunshine.

the first time I tried powder kohl

The address:
Hôtel Murano Resort Palmeraie
40000 Marrakech , Maroc
+212 5243-27000


  • Posted 27 November 2014 8:41
    by Anne

    C’est à quelle heure, le prochain avion s’il vous plaît?

  • Posted 27 November 2014 10:12
    by Jessica

    Non mais c’est le paradis cet endroit. Un endroit comme ça me fait rêver, car j’avoue que ca fait quand même 2 ans que n’ai pas pris de vacances. Mais bon, je me plains pas, je suis dans le Sud donc ça compense un peu.
    En tout cas, merci de nous faire découvrir ces endroits magiques.

  • Posted 27 November 2014 11:09
    by Crystal

    Wow, that looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing I want to plan a trip now.

  • Posted 27 November 2014 11:12
    by tiff

    Merci de partager avec nous ces belles photos, surtout dans cette grisaille :(
    Le bordeaux te va à ravir!!!




  • Posted 27 November 2014 11:43
    by kashaya

    Une belle invitation au voyage !
    Merci pour le partage et cette envie de chaleur et d’évasion !
    Biz et à très vite.

  • Posted 27 November 2014 12:58
    by LeMondeDeChaacha

    Encore une fois, ça donne vraiment envie de partir en vacances !
    J’adore la photo de ton petit dans le grand lit, il est trop mignon !

  • Posted 27 November 2014 21:51
    by sylvie;-)

    ben voilà comme ça je peste encore plus contre la grisaille ;-)

  • Posted 27 November 2014 22:56
    by Nathalie RENAULT

    C’est un endroit superbe, merci de nous donner cette bonne adresse, la villa est une bonne solution pour se reposer avec sa petite famille, je suis déjà allée plusieurs fois à Marrakech quand ma fille était petite, nous étions à ce moment là en Club pour elle, mais ce n’est pas la même chose ; ce que j’aime dans cette ville, c’est que l’on peut se reposer et se promener calmement dans la palmeraie, ou profiter de l’effervescence des souks si pittoresques, de pouvoir admirer ces artisans si doués à travailler toute sorte de matière, les produits alimentaires sont très tentants, j’avais ramené des citrons confis, des épices et des objets de déco…tes photos sont magnifiques, quelle luminosité ! merci !

  • Posted 28 November 2014 14:07
    by LFY

    Très jolie photos, ça fait rêver! Ca donne vraiment envie de partir en vacances tout ça :)

  • Posted 29 November 2014 17:36
    by Helliette

    la villa avec piscine c’est celle que l’on voit sur une photo au début ? (avec un étage ?)

  • Posted 30 November 2014 21:03
    by valerie9

    Magnifique !! :)

  • Posted 1 December 2014 20:30
    by Christel

    Hôtel magnifique, photos magnifiques, envie de partir, de changer d’air. Merci pour ce moment ensoleillé.

  • Posted 4 December 2014 14:14
    by morpheus

    A là je dois avouer vous me prenez par les sentiments ^^ Marrakech c’est ma ville de cœur et avec ma femme nous y travaillons régulièrement. Ce n’est que du bonheur. Nous parlons d’uns installation d’ici 2 ans :)

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