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illustration “Peace for Paris ” Jean Jullien Dear Readers, I will not make big speeches, I think that so many things have already been said everywhere and I have no stone to add to this sad building. Just a deep thought for all the victims of the attacks that hit Paris on November 13, 2015. A thought for their families,…

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Today I share with you a shoot and publication of which I am particularly proud because this is my first magazine cover!

There a few weeks the editor of the magazine BIZART contacted me on my Instagram account leaving me a “We’re fan of yours to the editorial! We want you to itw and in our wildest dreams that you’re our cover girl”

OMG but you kidding

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I needed a little break, right now I have my head to the grindstone for several in order to achieve several projects, and sorting my Marrakesh pictures out did me a lot of good.

After my pictures of Marrakesh city here and those of the Majorelle Garden here, I’m now sharing with you those of the hotel I stayed in.

If I choose to talk about it here, it’s because it completely fulfilled my expectations. I thought that maybe you could use a good hotel address in Marrakesh.

I spent 7 nights in the Murano Resort, an hotel located in the Marrakesh’s palm grove. You might need to know that you have to take a taxi to reach downtown, but it’s not much of a problem since the hotel provides you with a shuttle with a driver for €10. And most of the hotels in the palm grove do the same (Club Med, Deux Tours, etc.)

The Murano Resort is rather contemporary but really marked by oriental codes, I really loved this style, very “new Marrakesh”.

When I booked my stay in Marrakesh, my main goal was to rest, enjoy the sun and take my mind off things.

I told the hotel that I was travelling with a 22 months-old baby and they put the perfect place at our disposal. That is to say a private villa with its own pool in front of the terrace. I could not have hoped for better. While my son Lino was taking his naps, I was able to enjoy the pool and sleep in the sun. It was the first time I was able to do that since his birth, so I might as well tell you that I savored every bit of these moments.

The hotel has 4 villas available spread in a huge garden in the palm grove. The palm trees that are in it are sacred, when one builds something there it’s forbidden to touch them. Which creates perfectly integrated in nature housing. It’s gorgeous and very clever.

I had not taken the board in the hotel, just breakfasts, so I would be free to go and eat in the different restaurants that the city has to offer. Nevertheless I ate in the hotel a few times and the dishes were really delicious.

Since the hotel is huge and well equipped, the villas are all hidden and it’s very easy to isolate yourself and really enjoy the peace and quiet. As you’ve probably guessed by now, it’s a haven of peace, even with a little family.

Pool wise, there are 5 in total, no wading pools but my son had a great time in the big pool thanks to the large steps that served as a shallow pool. The main pool is red, well the tiling in it is, it’s a bit unsettling at first.

I leave you with a few pictures that will hopefully make you want to stay there. To book a stay, I recommend the website hotels.com, that’s where I found the best prices.

A last digression and then I’m off to bed, I’m really pale in the pictures : the day before our departure I put my back out. I was injected with some morphine derivative directly into the back, which allowed me to take my plane the day after. In the mean time I was pretty… ugly.

Now go and take a big dose of palm trees and sunshine.

the first time I tried powder kohl

The address:
Hôtel Murano Resort Palmeraie
40000 Marrakech , Maroc
+212 5243-27000

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picture from The Tomkat Studio

You know me, I’m very active on social networks, it’s a great way to keep in touch but also to share things we like.

Through the things I share, I often encourage you to visit one website or another, and it’s not always easy to remember them, especially when you already have an overflowing list of bookmarks inside which you can’t see clearly at all anymore.

Today I’m going to talk to you about a new social network that’s going to make online shopping easier for you : Pickture.

It’s going to allow you, not only to file it in a list or a lookbook, but also to share it with your personal network.

And what I find really handy is that you can shop directly from Pickture, your pick is connected to the e-shop, all you have to do is order.

No need to find the link of the shop where you saw this little dress or the last tablet you absolutely want anymore, Pickture allows you to make all of your shopping in the same place.

Thanks to this network, you’ll be able to :

  • follow serial shoppers and draw your inspiration from their shopping list

  • create lookbooks for a project (for example redecorate your living-room and gather everything you need to make it)

  • create lists for an event (for example a christening, your birthday, Christmas, etc.)

Pickture, it’s also a trending space fueled by a team of experts. A community into which you’ll be able to find your favorite brands’ pages.

To top it all off, a good deals space that gathers all the applicable discount codes. Not bad, huh ?

To get familiar with this new social network, let me propose a little contest to spoil you before Christmas !

I made my own Christmas’ wishlist (that my Santa Claus might find useful this year, Santa if you’re reading this, dash off to Pikture).

And you lucky girls are going to be able to try and win 1 piece from my Christmas’ wishlist which is filled with beautiful gifts. You can find it here.

It’s easy to participate :

  1. Create your profile (that’s easy) on Pickture

  2. Create your Christmas’ wishlist and pick out the gifts you’d like (to pick, download the Pickture button that will then appear in your browser in the top lef-hand corner or add a picture)

  3. Then come share the url of your list containing about 20 items in a commentary down below

The deadline is November 20th, midnight

There you go, I now will let you start and discover this new network.

Good luck to you all !

My Pickture page to follow me here

Post made in partnership with Pickture

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Today I want to talk to you about a jewelry brand I was told about last week : Stella & Dot

I was instantly taken with the concept, the pieces, and I’m sure you’ll love it too.

Stella & Dot was born in 2004 from the mind of an american woman who loves jewels. She wears a lot of them and her friends often asked her where they came from, tips, stuff like that. Stella & Dot was born this way, at first with pieces she created herself, then the adventure was on the rise.

Why do I like Stella & Dot ?

First, you gotta admit the jewels are gorgeous, right now there are several designers with different tastes and universes who are working on the collections, so everyone can find jewelry according to their taste.

And also the jewels are well thought for everybody, which really appealed to me. The necklaces always have several clasps for different neck sizes, same goes for the bracelets, they come with extensions you can choose to keep or not. No more worries for wide wrists. Same goes for the rings, they’re all extensible, and not using metal bits that go into your skin, no they’re tested before so they’re comfortable.

Some necklaces can be worn in different ways thanks to multiple rows, pieces you can clip on, different lengths from chain to choker. Like this “Casablanca” design for instance.

The jewels are also guaranteed nickel and lead-free, made by craftspeople and hand-made. Very high quality jewels, high end but at reasonable prices.

And did you see the packaging ? The boxes in which we received these little wonders are adorable, they’re pretty gift-wrapped parcels to get for yourself or simply to give to someone. With the holidays coming up, I think there are quite a few women in your circle you could spoil with these.

Another thing that touches me : Stella & Dot has signed an american charter against the work of children, forced labor, modern slavery, so you can be sure that your jewels have not been put together by a little girl in a sordid factory in India. And it matters, no need to remind you of the tragedies that are still taking place everyday in the factories that work for Zara or H&M for example.

Finally, one last thing (yes, it’s a long post, you will have realized that this topic really interests me), I opened a shop on Stella & Dot on which you’ll be able to find all of the brand’s jewels (right here). It’s not reserved to me because you can do it too, you can become a “stylist”, wear these jewels and talk about them to your circle, create your own network. It’s pretty easy, everything is explained on the website, you start with a base of jewels like my selection for example and bam, this adventure is now yours too. You can join my team by listing me as a sponsor for instance, “StephanieZwicky”.

I hope you’ll like these jewels as much as I do, you’ll often see them as accessories in my outfits.

Enjoy your visit !

bague Spear et collier Rebel

collier Pegasus

chaîne plaquée or  – charms lettres et blessed

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